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Gymnastics training - Calisthenics? Weights?

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    Gymnastics training - Calisthenics? Weights?

    I watched a gymnastics competition on TV earlier today and noticed that the male competitors have incredibly muscular physiques. However, I was always under the impression that gymnastics training was centered primarily around calisthenics. Is it possible to build this type of physique from calisthenics or is some weight training involved? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    That is a hard one to really answer without actually speaking to the individual competitor. I know some gymastics guys that do weights as well as some that don't and they all get the same type development.

    As far as is it possible, yes but you have to look at the individual things they do. The horse, parallel bars, rings, high and low bar. In days gone by there was also the rope climb event. Try climbing a 1 1/2" rope 24' without using your legs and doing it in 5 seconds, this will develop some great lats as well as other parts all by itself.
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