Finally got it.
Only problem is I have only one vial of Test Enanthate 250mg/ml - 10cc vial. I could
a - 250 mg every week for 10 weeks (250mg/wk)
b - 250 mg e5d for 7 weeks (325mg/wk)
c - 250 mg e6d for 9 weeks (291mg/wk)
I think it may be hard to get another vial so which option do you guys think is the best route to go.
I'd like to put on 15lbs lean
And bump my bench from 305 to 350
Can this small cycle be effective?
I could front load with m-1-t and go for the 2 weeks inbetween last injection and PCT with the m-1-t to increase the effective lenght of the short cycle?
Any thoughts?
Oh and here's a photo of the stuff