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Help with ratio for p/c/f please.

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    Help with ratio for p/c/f please.

    I went to the local nutrition store and ended up buying some weight gainer instead of my usual protein powder.

    The guy in there seemed very knowledgeable about the store products but said something contradictory to what I usually see. I told him I have a problem gaining weight. Problem is, I have gotten a little bit of fat around my core the last few years. I mean it is not a gut by any means and I can still see my six pack but it is more than I like.

    Well, I got gainer like I said and it has 102g of carbs to 60g of protein per serving. He said I need about a 2 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein to really pack on muscle. FYI, the sugar content is only 15g per serving which is low compared to other gainers. I am still concerned about putting more fat the muscle on with all the carbs.

    Should I be? Should I take the gainer back and get the protein instead? It is easy to get carbs from food but not so easy for protein.

    Thanks and sorry that this post was so long.
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    you said it yourself.. it easy to get carbs from food!!!
    I would take the weight gainer mix back and opt for real food. get the protein powder only.
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