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    Molecular Nutrition

    I need help. In the past I have spent lots of $$$ on supplements from Impact Nutrition (Maxteron, Equibolan, Nitro Phen, etc....) and they seemed to work OK. I have been off supplements for a few months now and I'm looking in to buying but I am low on funds. I was doing some research and found out that the guy who runs Molecular Nutrition use to work for Impact and Molecular product are half the price! I was hoping someone could tell me if Molecular nutrition products really work or I'm I getting scammed! Is this a good company to buy prohormones from or not?

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    IMP. NUT. is definately a scam. Molecular makes good products, still high priced, but many people don't like Bill for some of his doings.

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    Bill can be a weasel. He took some average to bad user feedback on X Factor and made it sound like it was the most remarkable substance on earth.

    On the other hand, he does have some good products.

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    MN puts out a solid product line for the most part. Feedback on their prohormones have been good.

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