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need some bulking advice

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    need some bulking advice

    hi, Im new to this board. Anyway, I want to gain some muslce mass and dont know how to set up a good diet to do so. Im 6'0 152 pounds in the morning and at night it is 160,and im 25 years of age. I dont know how many calories i need even though i looked through the board to find out how. I Still dont know my calories to gain weight plus macros. I work early hrs from 4:00 in the morning to about 8:30am for ups so my job is pretty physical. After that i come home and relax till about 2:00pm then i workout. I only workout 3 times a week. PLease give me some feedback. Im not into being a bodybuilder or anything like that but i want to put muscle on my skinny body. I have no meat at all on me lol even though i have a small pudge on my lower abs. PLease help. THanx

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    HI ecto. have you read the stickies at the top of the forum? theres a TON of info on how many calories, types of foods, etc. read that all over, a few times even and then see what yuou think.
    at your height and weight you really need to be eating lots. again lots of information in the stickies. read those first
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    Yep, as Jen said read the stickies. There is a wealth of information there. In a nutshell, to bulk you need to consume around 15-18 calories per lb of bodyweight. So at a bodyweight of 152 lbs, somewhere in the 2,280-2,735 calorie a day range. This isn't McDonald's and Wendy's calories either. Keep simple sugar and salt consumption low. Eat plenty of lean meats, complex carbs, fats (keep saturated fat to 10% and below) and your well on your way. In your workout, focus on compound movements (bench press, squats, deadlifts, dips, rows, chins, etc) in the 4-8 rep range.

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    your about my size and age, 24, 5'11" 155-160 lbs. for me maintenance is around 2800-3000 calories, i workout on a four day split leg, chest/bi's, back/tri's, and shoulders, so far i have been putting on good weight. i eat 6 times a day with my biggest meal at breakfast high in carbs and moderate in fat, and my last meal is usually only protein/fat. i try to eat around 30-40 grams of protein per meal to even it out throughout the day
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