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Cycle questions about half life.

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    Cycle questions about half life.

    I got 200 Naps at 5mg and 2 vials of enan.

    I was thinking about doing the first 6 weeks with dbol at 25 mg a day(actually 40 days). I have seen where people think enan doesn't "work" until 4 to 5 weeks. Would it be better to run a higher dose of dbol for say 4 weeks or the 6 weeks at the lower dose?

    Why does it take enan so long to work? I know it has a long ester but don't test levels rise the day you inject? Why the wait?

    And, I am assuming that even after the last shot, you still gain for a week or two. Is this true?
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    Yes test levels rise, but it takes time for blood levels to build. That is most of the reason for the dbol to be there in the early part, stick to your plan of 25mg you should be fine.

    Yes it takes a while for blood levels to die down also.

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