hey people, It is 1:40am here in salt lake valley and im siting here on the computer with only my boxers on and watching some stupid ass movie with sandra bulock.

ittt'sss sooo boring, i cant go to sleep and i dont know why i feel so energetic, but im not supposed to be, im supposed to be tierd, i woke up at 6 this morning and had a big-ass math test and after that had sex, then i went mountian biking 10 freaking miles up hill, then i came back home and helped my dad finish building our god damn fence infront of our house, then i went running for about 3 miles with my dog, came back and practiced doing push-ups for 40 minutes, then i got ready and went out with my girl, when we got back to my place we did it again and she just left 30 minutes ago, and i dont even feel tierd not at all, my eyes are are wide open and i feel like going running again, im just not tired at all BUT I SHOULD BEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well whats the point of me telling you all that?? I really dont know but now you beleive me that im really boredddddddddd

write me something back !!!!!!!!!!!!