losing fat while building muscle

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    losing fat while building muscle

    i am trying to keep losing fat while still building muscle well. will it work well if i just stop eating junk food, eat more calories in healthier foods, and spread my calories out through the day with protein meal replacments between breakfast and lunch, and a whey powder shake between lunch and dinner? thanks
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    Thats a good start.

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    welll just by stop eating junk food then yes you would most likely see some fat loss for sure.
    have you read the stickies at the top of the forum on healthy diets?
    by including nutritious balanced meals in your diet along with heavy weight training, in turn you'll be able to build lean mass, which in turn speeds up metabolism and lead to fat loss.
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    thanks alot guys
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    do you think anyone coulds possibly give me a time period of results or sumthin..thanks.
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    If everything is done right you can see results in a week.

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    wow thats awesome i will do my best then, thanks!
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    so me and my friend travis are going to be working hard at this, and were going to keep a journal too, were going to write about what we eat and how we work out, but should also write about my in the fat loss weekly too? will i be seeing results often enuff to write about it every week? thanks.
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