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    Angry Love Handles!

    Well I use to lift 5 times a week rest 2 days for about 7 months strait. However recently I have stoped lifting completely for baseball, I have a really bad case of tendonitis in my right wrist.
    So I can NOT lift at all to risk ferther injury. Meenwhile I have been gaining some weight while not lifting. mostly in my sides (Love handles). Im sick of it im really frustrated at the fact I cant lift becasue of my wrist and ferther more my love handles. So my question is how do you lose these pesky love handles? I am very dedicted at what I do When I do it, so if someone where to help me out and give me a simple work out plan to rid me of these love handles and a diet plan I would be 100% dedicated and Devote all my time to doing this. Thankyou.

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    First of all proper diet/nutrition, secondly just because you cannot lift does not mean no activity at all, i.e. cardio.

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