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Stomach Problems/Keg around the waist

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    Stomach Problems/Keg around the waist

    Im getting big with a mixture of creatine/glutamine/whey and am eating well balanced and all the right stuff, (no junk food, cookies, ice cream, potato chips soda) high protein diet, but yet I still cant get rid of my gut. I dont wanna stop bulking the upper body and strengthening my legs. I just wanna know has anybody been here before? All my life pretty much eating crap till about 6 months ago, but I dont seem to see any change. Can anybody help out a fellow lifter/bodybuilder?
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    You are bulking now, that means that you bodyfat will increase no matter what. Enjoy the fat right now It will go away soon.
    Can you post your diet at the "Diet forum"?

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    Yeah, when you bulk most people either have to maintain their fat level or get bigger. Some people can get away with losing fat and gaining muscle, but usually only when you first start lifting. I have gone from about 12% to 15%, but I still look better. Nonetheless, I would like to be 10-12% at some point, but I am more interested in bulking until I get quite a bit bigger. I'm willing to live with the bit of extra fat if it helps me grow faster.
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