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Suffering extreme Pain

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    Suffering extreme Pain

    I had been working out 4-5 days a week for about six months without any real gains and then I stopped for about six weeks and have just started back again recently, I did my first Biceps and forarm workout in six weeks three days ago and I did it with more intensity than ever b4 and now I am in serious pain all down my arms from my bicep to my wrist... Like I said, its been three days now and the pain seems to be getting worse instead of better and I want to go for another upper body workout tonight cause I did my legs yesterday.... can anyone give me any advice.... Is the fact that my arms are still extremely sore a bad thing or a good thing? Is it ok to do Leg workouts two days in a row?

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    two workouts in a row of any kind is only going to breakdown your muscle and not build you.
    are you eating good? that can really affect recovery times. do you take any supplements? this may also change your repair cycle.

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