colostrum and IGF-1???

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    colostrum and IGF-1???

    Hello all,

    A friend was telling me about a supplement named Colostrum and how it increases IGF-1, (an Insulin-like growth factor, where the IGF come from).

    If anybody has taken this let me know and any info on what you gained or ideas would be appreciated.


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    Colostrum is the fluid that is found in a mammals breast milk.

    I do not believe there was ever any evidence supporting colostrum being used by adults as a sports supplement.

    I would not waste your money on it.

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    I thought IGF-1 was supposed to help build muscle tissue?

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    IGF-1 does help build muscle tissue...the hypothesis is that the gains you see from GH are actually due to IGF-1 stimulation/release.

    As far as colostrum, while it probably does contain IGF-1 AT THE SOURCE when consumed from a breast, all colostrum supps are BOVINE colostrum, and usually are heat pressed into tablets.

    Now, the problem is two-fold:
    1. IGF-1 needs to be refrigerated to remain active.
    2. All studies done on IGF-1 used injectables...IGF-1 is extremely expensive, and you could buy a new house for the cost of the gallon or so you would need to drink to achieve oral bio-efficacy.

    The bottom line is that any claims of increasing IGF-1 levels in the body by taking bovine colostrum pills are false.

    As Prince said, colostrum has been on the market for over a decade, and it's never lived up to any claims.

    (Logically, if colostrum, a SUPER CHEAP substance, was able to boost IGF-1 levels, why would Professional BBrs and Researchers pay hundreds of dollars a MILLIGRAM for the IGF-1 injectable?)

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