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Quad strain

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Thread: Quad strain

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    Quad strain

    Today while playing a game of soccer, I think I strained something in my right Quad muscle. Since most of our players were already more seriously injured I had to endure the pain the entire game which is an hour and a half. I'm suppose to have my leg workout tommorow, but this abviously is going to limit my workout.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for left leg isolation? And suggestions for the best way to let my leg heal?

    As a soccer player, I'm used to the ''walk it off', 'endure the pain' sort of speech but I really don't want to make it anymore worse than it is.

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    Muscle strain
    Avoid the leg workout tomorrow.

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    Give your legs at least a few days rest or more if you need it.

    If pain persists, you should see your doctor & he may want an

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