Right... a personal subject but will get straight to the point.

Foung a lump behind my left teste... felt like a sack of worms, it's not painful or anything but is causing discomfort when training or during sex.

Went to the docs and he's pretty sure it's varicose veins but has referred me to the hospital for a scan, question is though i always thought it was something older people or overweight got on their thighs so how did i manage to get it on my testicles? Keeping in mind i'm only 23 and 11% bf.

When asking the doc what might of caused it he said it could of just been bad luck or brought on by kidney problems, one of my kidneys don't function 100% after very long illness as a kid, could this of caused it? or maybe even contributed to the problem?

Suggested treatment for the problem is embolization by inserting a wire through a vein in the neck or through a vein in the groin, anyone had this procedure done?

What does "embolization" actually do?

Anyone else had them on their nads?