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Whats the Best Weight Loss Stack??

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    Whats the Best Weight Loss Stack??

    I'm looking for the best weight loss stack possible(to combine of course with diet and exercise). I am just looking for that extra edge to loose the last of my gut. Let me know what you think of this weight loss stack or if you have a better one:

    VPX Meltdown z-14, 4 Caps
    Pro Lab Cuts II, 4 Caps
    Optimum Nutrition Lean Tea Complex, 2 Caps
    Now Guggul Extract, 5 Caps
    Yohimbine HCl, 4 Caps

    Or replace the Meltdown and Yohmbine with Lipo 6 from Nutrex.

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    I haven't used any of those products, but I am currently focused on fat loss and am using

    Vasopro (Ephedrine HCL)
    Caffeine (Prolab's from BulkNutrition)

    I actually prefer this over the Vasopro+Tight combo..

    I am considering picking up some Yohimbine HCL in my next order, though.

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