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Thread: Acne/Spots

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    have been weighttraining for about 14weeks.
    I started to take a Soya protein supplement but after a few weeks, broke out
    in loads of spots. I stopped the supplement and the spots went.

    I would love to add some extra protein to my diet in this sort of way. Does
    anyone else have this problem? does anyone know whether soya causes acne
    and/or what ingredient it may be?
    What about Milk/egg or Whey protein? Will that have anything in it than can
    cause acne?


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    When you start working out your hormones go through changes, that leads to acne. IMO you should not worry about it, it will go away in a few weeks.
    Probably what soya caused was not acne, it was a lot of little boobs in your body.

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    I would guess you were allergic to something in the Soya. I imagine it is soy protein so try another type as you suggested. I used to get hives from eggs, luckily not anymore.
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