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Work out timing

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Thread: Work out timing

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    Work out timing

    I currently am working 2 jobs. This causes me to have to do workouts late at night right before going to bed. People have told me that this is not good for your muscles. Is there any drawbacks to work out times like this or is the immediate rest good for the muscles?
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    I workout at night after dinner. I usually am in bed about an hour after my w/o. I drink a post w/o drink right after my w/o (I w/o at home so it is pretty much within 10 min.). Then just befor I hit the sack, I eat a small meal. I have gained both muscle and strength. Is it the most efficient time, I do not know from a muscle gain/growth standpoint. It has been argured that you should w/o earlier in the day. But for me it is just a preference, it is a way to top off a good day with a good w/o. Seems to work for me.
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    It might not be optimal but if you can't get a workout in any other time, better that than nothing. I would suggest that you workout, have your post w/o shake/meal then give yourself bout an hour and have another meal before bed.
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    If that's all you can do, then do it. I workout at night and I have been seeing gains steadily for quite a while now. Sometimes I workout and I'm in bed an hour later. As long as I do my PWO meal and another meal before I goto sleep things seem to grow.
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