This chick I know wants to do a winstrol and clen cycle.

I personally didnt think that would be a good idea considering the androgenic effects of winstrol. She works out like a feen about a hour of cardio a day and lifts weights regularly.

She has really strong legs and her quads are pretty big. I said if she wants to lose muscle she should stay away from the winstrol and run just the clen with a good diet and lots of cardio.

She wont listen, stubborn lil biatch. So, I figured I ask the board what type of cycle should she do, and what about pct for her.

and will her PCT (if any) differ from mine as I am going to run the clen after week 6 in my cycle

1-8 100mgs test Prop EOD (or till it runs out)
3-8 75mg ED of winstrol tabs
5-11 Clen on and off for a total of 6 weeks
1-14 10mg nolva+l-dex 0.25 ED
8-14 40mg nolva+clomid PCT

and suggestions fellas?