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4ad : Decanoate / Cypionate?

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    4ad : Decanoate / Cypionate?

    Its been a few years since I've used pro hormones and back then there was only 4ad now there seems to be a variety of 4ad products. The two Ive looked at recently have been 4ad decanoate and 4ad cypionate. Are there any real differences between these two? If there are any differences are these differences only noticeable if the products are injected rather than taken orally. Any help is appreciated.


    Forgot to mention that the two products were HM GEARS 4 Test
    Decanoate and VPX 4 Test Cypionate.

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    The 4 hydroxy test is not 4/ad. HM's 4/ad product is gone.
    Vpx's is 4 hydroxy also.

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    the things like cypionate, proponate etc are esters attached to the horomone...these esters lengthen the time they are in your system....also they in creace the time needed for em to kick in

    for example
    base acts faster than prop acts faster than cyp....

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