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sharp pain - head of tricep

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    sharp pain - head of tricep

    today was back n triceps day, everything was going good, i did my rope press down, skull crushers then i got to tricep kick backs n i just felt this sharp pain in the head of my tricep in my left arm, i continued doing kickbacks for 2 more sets of 8, and the pain continued, but it's weird bc i stretched it n everything n did all my other exercises fine without the pain ... improper form maybe? i dont know, this has never happened before! help please!

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    Jake? Is that you? Sorry...couldnt resist!

    If you're feeling a sharp pain, its not a good idea to try and work through it. Burning or soreness can be worked through...not actual pain. I'd rest it for a few days and see if it gets better. If it doesnt, or it gets worse, see a doc.
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    Originally posted by Var
    Jake? Is that you? Sorry...couldnt resist!
    Hahaha.. I did the same thing in another thread.

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