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Duratestin ruined my B/P

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    Duratestin ruined my B/P

    I was very suprised yesterday to find out that my B/P was EXTREMELY high!
    Im a healthy 28 year old male that works out and does cardio, 190 pounds 5' 11"...
    I used to have 130 to 70 bp on as a baseline all my life (maybe a bit lower then that actually) and yesterday I told a friend at work to take my bp before I go work out, about 30 min after taking duratestin and my b/p was 160 over 98.... Then after my workout I cooled down a bit and my b/p was 170 over 96. Also this morning it was 150 over 94.
    I have discontinued using this products now.
    Duratesting was great for the first 3 weeks, and I didnt experience any health problems until this week..

    One question, Now im going to start taking my Nolvadex for my post cycle. Has anyone had any B/P problems they could tell me while taking Nolva?

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    1test will raise your blood pressure..thats a common side effect..take some alcar, hawthorne berry etc to help with high blood pressure

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