Well, I know we can not spot reduce regarding belly and it's all about eating clean, having good workout and Cardio about 3 x times/week HITT

Now I am at a point that my stomach is almost flat, well not that bad, I send pics on my gallery photo and my abs are like . (I was able to send only 2 pictures don't know why, I guess my pictures were taking too much room, Anyhow)

Now, should I train them with weight like cable while doing my crunch and is it really true that we should always perform the vaccum and kegel while training abs. I need 100% improvment over that area and I'm looking to build those abs. So I guess I need to put weight to see them when my last layer of fat will be out. From now I evaluate my BF at probably 18%, I don't know if by looking at my pics (visual look) it could give an idea of BF. I must take a test for BF reading, for quick info, I'm 5'6" - 136 pounds - waist 28 and have some muscle But looking at my stomach really discouraged me