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Transition from cutting to bulking

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    Transition from cutting to bulking

    Hi there,
    although I feel I should continue with my cutting phase (according to mybodycomp.com I'm around 15% BF) due to serious loose skin issues my doc has advised me to start bulking right away. I have a few questions about it and thought maybe you would be kind enough to help me with them

    1. I'm eating 1500 kcals/day (substracting fiber that is, it'd be aruond 1800 if I didn't) and need to up it to about 2500. Should I do this gradually (250-500 kcals more per week?) or can I just start my bulking diet tomorrow

    2. Regarding workouts, would missing some of them (I'm starting my exams period atm) be awfully bad when bulking? That didn't bother me that much when I was cutting because I was on a hypocaloric diet, but if I start a bulking diet I'm afraid of all that food going right to my gut if I don't exercise my muscles properly.

    3. I know it's not the appropriate forum for this question, but (apart from changing my diet) should I also change my workout? I'm thinking of going for more weight/less reps and splitting my routine in different muscle groups instead of doing full-body resistance training. Would that be advisable?

    Thanks a lot for reading! Looking forward to your replies.

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    increase your cals by 10% each week until weight gain occurs...
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