Something that made me laugh, then think

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    Something that made me laugh, then think

    I was out with a couple of mates, and we were pissed, and we discussed a variety of subjects, mostly about women. My mate was moaning that his penis ain't too impressive, and my other mate said he had read somewhere that eating a lot of protien will increase the size of, as he called it, his wang. At the time I just laughed at the thought, but later on when I had thrown up and sobered up I wondered if it could be true.

    So what do you think, have I stumbled on a sure fire way to get a donkey dick? Or will me and my mates just be joe average in the trouser department.

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    protein intake has nothing to do with penis size...

    I have heard/read that manipulation of androgens during puberty can have an effect on penis size but haven't seen anything like a medical study that showed actual proof of such...
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    If that were true, I'd be hung like Peter North...but...alas...I am not.
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    What a shame, thought I had discovered something brilliant there.

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