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    Talking Father's Day

    Hi everyone, how was your weekend? Great I hope. Did all the dad's out there have a BBQ? I hope so, I did. I went away this weekend, to visit my mother's family. They live suite a ways away, so it was late ny the time I got there. But that's okay. I only get to see them once or twice a year. I did stick to my diet plan though. That's what I love about the plan. I mix and take my shakes wih me, then get to eat whatever I want for supper. So I really enjoyed the weekend, especially the BBQ, and still stuck to my plan, and best of all I never had to worry about whether I was going to gain a tonne of weight or feel aweful. It was great. What did everyone else do for Father's Day?

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    i called my dad and talked to him...

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    I spent it with my soon-to-be inlaws. Ate too damn many burnt hot dogs & burgers. Suffered through bad wine & worse conversations. And made a silent vow never to have any of these "people" over to my house. Meanwhile, my gf spent the entire day on their laptop doing internet research on *gulp* engagement rings.
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