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Not wanting to lose any more weight.. but still need to get "slimmer"

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    Not wanting to lose any more weight.. but still need to get "slimmer"

    Hi all, Im new here. My name is Joe, im 17 years old and currently ~174 pounds, and im 5`11. October 1st 2003 i was 250, so its been an interesting past 8 months. I really... really, REALLY, dont want to lose any more weight. Im happy with 170, hell, even if i was 180+ but "slim" id be fine. Im currently at abouta 33 inch pant size, and probably 16.5% bf. Last time I checked was 3 weeks ago and I was 17.5%
    Anyways, to cut I have been doing cardio + weight training, and eating about 2000 calories a day. However, I know if i keep this up il continue to keep losing weight, and a.) I dont want to lose more weight b.) the low amount of calories are not letting me get as strong as I want to be

    However, I still have a small (at least i think its small), pouch type gut. I know I can lose this by shedding my bf, and Im wondering how many calories a day I should be eating. The thing I am scared of, is of course not only regaining my weight, but also getting bigger in my stomach area. However, I have made a new diet per say, and on average im eating about 2500 calories a day (about a 40-30-30 split) Im wondering if you think this is too much or too little?

    What I am doing at the gym, is i run 4-5 times a week, 1-2 miles + 20-40 minutes on eliptical in the morning, and i lift mon/tues/thurs/friday. MY goals are 13-14% bf by august 1st (in time for vacation!), and a flat stomach with visual penis lines....

    Wondering if you think this is the right amount of food I should be eating, and if you think its attainable?


    and here are some pictures..


    and 1 more of me now


    and the scariest of all.. my gut. sad. get a vomit bag

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    The only time it's bad to feel the burn is when you're peeing...

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    uhm.. i dont see how that helps, im asking if people thin its possible, considering my diet and routine and what not

    but still, that was good reading

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    with as much exercise as you are performing on a daily basis your caloric intake is too low. I would stop doing the eliptical in the morning and stop all of that running. I would instead do HIIT on your non-weight training days and make changes in the diet to continue to lose body fat while you slowly gain more lean muscle mass...

    you need to post your diet...
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    you think 2500 calories is too low? herm..

    my diet changes day to day.. i dont really have a set 1 now, i do it in the morning of each day. This is basically how it goes ( i take summer school)

    -cardio 6am-640 1 mile + 20-30 min eliptical varies each day
    -eat breakdast 7 15, something like 90 grams of special k,1 cup skim milk
    -go to school at 8
    -9am eat 25 grams of pine nuts
    - 10 15 am eat 1 oz of almonds
    -1115 am have 30 grams of special k,
    -get out of school at 12
    -1pm 1 cup egg beaters, 6 oz salmon, 6 oz apple
    -3pm have pre workout shake. 2 scoops whey, 1/2 cup of oats, 1 cup milk
    -3:10pm lift, until 4:50
    -5 pwo , 2 scoops whey, 9 oz bananas, 1 cup milk
    -7pm 6 oz chicken breast, 2 cup shitake mushrooms
    -right before bed, 1/2 cup cc + 1 tblspoon nattypb

    total = 2642 calories
    43%pro, 29%fat, 28%carb

    i ussualy shoot for 40-30-30 and am starting to do like 2400-2600 calories a day

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