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2 months to cut

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Thread: 2 months to cut

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    2 months to cut

    step by step if you could, what is the cardio routine and supplements to take to trim as much bodyfat off in this time frame? Reason asking is because I have been up in MN being a dumbass and just sitting around and partying and drinking. So I am about 180 @19% or so and want to get back down to 11% atleast for now. Pretty much any info such as diet would help too. I know you guys know your stuff so If you could help me out that would be great. My diet now is pretty much crap, so from the top is where I need to start.


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    Read the stickies in the diet & nutrition forum. You don't even need to be doing supplementary exercise if you diet is in check. However, weight training offers the greatest advantages in terms of weight loss. Cardio also helps.
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