Scuba Diving and weightlifting!?

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    Question Scuba Diving and weightlifting!?

    Ok, I figure that out of the thousands here there must be at least a few fellow scuba divers out there or maby you know something on the subject. As you know diving is a very particular sport when it comes to body physiology, many stresses and chemical changes take place during and after a dive so I was just wondering what you all think about lifting and diving together? Of course would not lift on days that I dive(usually the weekends) but how long after I dive should I wait to lift? Also is it ok to dive when I am a little sore from a workout? When you dive nitrogen gets compressed into the bloodstream and muscle tissue and I am not sure how this would effect muscle recovery. I have been studying in france in for the last 6 months and have really put on some muscle but I am coming back soon and am going to do some serious diving so I would like to have some idea of how I should approach this cuz I dont want this to happen -


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    I dive ocassionally and ive never had a problem. But you bring up an interesting point... diving could be one hell of a way to increase nitrogen retention.

    As a side note... the lower your bodyfat, the safer you are during a dive. Nitrogen compressed in fat takes much longer to exit than in muscle, so theres an increased risk of the bends if you have to surface quickly. You probably knew that though.

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