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Which is better split?

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    Which is better split?

    I have been lifting weights for just about six months. I was doing three sets per exercise using the following routine:

    Day 1


    Day 3




    Days 2, 4, 6


    I change the routine by working out chest and triceps (instead of chest and biceps) the same day and back and biceps (instead of back and triceps) in same day. However I have noticed that I am not able to workout as heavy with this split as with the other routine. I know in most chest exercise movements, triceps are involved and that in back exercises the biceps are usually involved, so I would expect the muscle to be more fatigued now. However which is better, lifting heavier with the former routine or using lighter weights with the new routine?


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    They are both effective splits. Many people use both with much success. If you choose to use the push/pull split, then just lower the number of sets for the supporting muscles.
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