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chest?! pECK fORM

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    chest?! pECK fORM

    o/k Hi everybody,
    My problem is that my chest seems to be un even. My left peck seems to have a good formed inner chest but the lower is almost nonexistant, my right side though has a well formed curve to the lower chest. I am right handed and if i flex hard it all seems to look almost the same,b ut just normal the left lower chest is not defined. I do a lot of push ups and such and think it might be my form or just favoring my rite side (my upper right side of my abs is also slightly bigger, not out but difined wise). Wondering if maybe one armed push ups or something might help. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    its probably just the way the muscles are shaped. its genetic, you cant change where a muscle is located.
    cutting sucks.

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