Diet and calorie intake, try it...

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    Diet and calorie intake, try it...

    Hey people I was gona post my diet plan on here so maybe the pros can tell me how they like it and maybe the newbies can try the same if they like it.....i figured it out myself and adjusted it the way my lifestyle is

    6am - unflavored oat meal with fat free milk, 3 egg whites, slice of cheese
    and a serving of thin sliced turkey.

    9am - protein shake with water

    11:30 - 12:00 - plain oven baked fish with either spinach or some vegies or
    or rice (not a bigass portion)

    around 3pm - protein shake with water

    around 6pm - lean steak, chiken breast or a serving of fish with vegies,
    rice or spinash

    around 9pm - serving of milk with a serving of peanutbutter and maybe
    some fruit.

    as you can see i eat about 6 small to medium meals a day and i love it it feels good and i love the food i eat, i mix it up sometimes so i dont eat the same shit over and over again......... from that dieat i get about more or less than 2100 calories a day and about 220 protein...

    i feel good and healthy.... what do you guys think am im missing something because i feel that this diet is just about cutting right not so am i just about right in the calories or should i cut some more of them..............

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    is the oatmeal old fashioned?
    is that deli proceessed turkey meat in meal 1?
    what kind of cheese?

    you need some healthy fats in your diet. how about adding them in when you have the protein shakes by themself. a fish oil supplement would be good investment.

    is the protein natural type?
    Id opt to have the fruit earlier in the day rather than before bed. as for the milk, Id switch that for a larger protein source minus the carbs before bed.

    between what meals do you train?

    what are your current stats?
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