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Injecting into fat?

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    Injecting into fat?

    I have a pretty fat ass, so when I do glute shots I can't help but wonder if my 1.5" needle is even getting into any muscle. It doesn't hurt at all and is completely painless. When I do any other shot I can at least feel it somewhat.

    So, what happens if you are injecting into fat and not muscle? I've read that your body still absorbs it, just at a slower rate. I figured I'd make sure since I don't want to be wasting my gear on shots that aren't even doing anything.

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    I dont have a skinny ass and always felt 1.5" was fine. You still absorb from fatty areas though, supposedly absorbtion is around 80-85% in fat stores and around 90-95% in muscle areas.

    Why then water based shots supposedly are "absorbed better" in subcutaneous shots I have no idea, blood flow is poor in those areas so it makes no sense to me. Convenience wise though they are nice.

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