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Really excellent online calculator for cals, macros

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    I read it someplace.
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    Really excellent online calculator for cals, macros

    Couldn't get easier, guys and gals! Bulking or cutting: enter your weight, height and age, and it gives you caloric ranges for different rates of loss or gain. Enter your desired number of calories from that, and desired percentage of nutrients, and presto! your daily requirements in grams and calories. Fun for all ages!

    Thank you, Michael and Kendra, whoever you are.
    "It is a wearisome illness to preserve one's health by too strict a regimen."
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    Very nice!!! Thanks for posting.
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    Thanks Akateros

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    wow, excellent's almost an understatement, that's really well done

    now if someone could help me get my activity level right. I never quite figured that out which is why I gave up using formulas, but I want to see what this gives me compared to what I'm doing right now (just going with how my body feels).

    I lift weights, 3-4 times a week, I do cardio (HIIT) 3 times a week and I wait tables 3 days a week (ALL DAY, very active then).

    Right now I cycle calories depending on the day, if it's cardio/weights or work day. Which works a lot better than having one set number cause on work days I easily need at least 3000 calories to stay sane.

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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