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    Question For the HIT folks

    What does your workouts generally look like?
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    Mon -Wed_Fri

    Barbell Curl 4x6-8

    Seated Behind Neck Press 4x6-8

    Bench Press 5x5

    Barbell Row 4x6-8

    Barbell Squat 5x5

    Deadlift 5x5

    I'm probably going to start this tommow, look at my thread titled Reg Park Routine for more info.

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    I do a typical 3 day per week split:

    Day 1: Legs
    Day 2: off
    Day 3: Chest, tri's & shoulders
    Day 4: off
    Day 5: Back & bi's
    Day 6: off
    Day 7: off
    Day 8: repeat

    It varies sometimes as far as the days off, it just depends on how I feel, how sore I am, etc.

    As far as exercises:

    Legs: Presses, extensions, lunges and curls
    Chest: Flat presses, pec deck
    Back: Pull downs & rows
    Bi's: e-z curl and preachers
    Tr's: french presses & push downs
    Shoulders: Laterals

    Typically the 8-10 rep range

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