Pat Summit 5th Best Coach??????

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    Pat Summit 5th Best Coach??????

    OK, just watched ESPN's countdown of the top 25 coaches of the last 25 years. I had issues here and and there, especially with Dean Smith at #1 b/c I can't stand UNC...however....

    Pat Summit being listed at number 5 is about the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a while. She was listed ahead of Shula, Bowden, Paterno, Jimmy Johnson, The Tuna, Eddit Robinson...and many others I've forgotten...

    Have the PC police gotten so intense that ESPN caves and grossly over-ranks a female coach. She's a great coach but COME ON....higher that Bill Walsh?????????

    My rant for the night.
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    yeah i feel ya there...i saw the list..My question is where was Bill Walsh?? didn't he win 3 super bowls with the niners?? i mean come on..and summit placed before him..or tom osbourne from my huskers..u know the writers are all boozed up when they come up with the list or naturally brain dead
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    what were the others that you remember? i really wanted to watch but i missed it
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    ESPN pisses me off, they are clearly trying to cater to other demographics (i.e. females) which is just ridiculous. If I have to hear about another human interest story in the middle of sportcenter I am going to kill myself! I feel ya pepper on that for sure

    on a lighter note, they really picked Dean Smith as numero uno? thats crazy. I LOVE dean smith and I am a HUGE Tarheels fans, always have been, always will be. ain't no question, but that does suprise me he was #1

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