First a little info, I'm bulking, 5'9" 150-155lbs. My split currently can go for up to 6 days and heres is my prioritizations..

1. Shoulders, Traps & Forearms - Need more work then anything, its pitiful..
2. Tri's & Chest - I always worked my bi's hard and my tri's really need the mass. My outer chest is nice, but lower, upper and inner need some work.
3. Legs - I have alright outer quads and a nice tear drop shape on the bottom, they just lack mass.
4. Back, Calves & Abs - I have always been blessed in these area's (luckily) My lat spread is nice, but lower and upper back could use some thickness.

This is my list in order of importance and my current split may work - I'm just looking for some pointers

1. Shoulders & Traps
2. Abs, Calves & Forearms
3. Rest
4. Chest & Bi's
5. Quads & Hammies
6. Back & Tri's
7. Rest

I've got all my workouts (exercises) planned already, I just need to make something that will work. I'll be testing this out starting this Monday, so maybe it may workout - who knows though?