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    Rest days...

    I am currently training my back and shoulders three times per week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with excercises like pullups which are low reps and HARD (for me anyway...)
    What I have found is that I can lift more on Tuesday than the other two days, as I have had 3 days rest instead of 2. Does this mean that I should cut back and always have atleast 3 days rest? It just seems that I can lift more (I would say 20% at a guess) after a longer rest, and I don't want to prevent muscle growth by overtraining.

    Comments or advice anyone??

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    three times a week is too much, even twice a week can be pushing it, i hit up each bodypart only 1 x a week
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    Yeah, doing that workout 3x weekly is a little much. I also work one bodypart a week.
    I get three days rest during the week.

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    Your body cannot recuperate fast enough, thats why you
    are having problems. I feel my weakest on my sixth day.

    What works for me, may not work for you, and vica versa.
    So, you need to work at your own pace.

    If you are running out of gas, you either need rest or more

    Choose the latter of the two.
    The More Definition The Better!

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