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Thread: Legs/Back

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    Hey guys,
    I'm pretty new to lifting, and was wondering if I could get some much-needed advice. Because I play sports and am very active, I do my legs and back on the same day because I want to do these muscle groups on days when I do no cardio (because legs and back are two of the largest muscle groups and I want to put on mass). This is what I've been doing (1 day a week):

    Squats: 3 x 12
    Deads: 3 x 12
    Bent-over rows : 3 x 8-12
    Pullups (assisted) : 4 x 8-12

    Hamstring machine: 2 x 8-12
    Quad machine: 1 x 12
    Calves (machine) : 2 x 8-12
    MAchine rows: 1 x 12

    The first four exercises I do are the most important; I guess my question is does it make sense to do the machine exercises afterwards as kind of isolation exercises and to give some extra work to the muscles, or is this just overdoing it? Any other comments/advice would also be appreciated. Oh yeah, I am doing other muscle groups, just on different days.


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    Bump. Anyone?

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    When I'm attempting to pack on mass, I generally do fewer reps on a higher weight.

    For example, instead of doing squats for three sets of twelve reps, I do one set on six to eight reps, bump up the weight and do another set of four to six reps, bump the weight up some more and do two to four reps, and then bump the weight up again and do one to three reps. I generally work until my one rep max.

    When I do this my body is essentially thinking, "whoa, what the hell is going on here?" Hence, it's forced to grow.

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    I'd say don't wast your time with the hamstirng and quad machines. The calves are okay at the end. You can do SLDL instead of regular deads if you want. Bent rows may be tough on the lower back after squats and deads though. I would switch that so something where you are supported (supports rows, machine rows, one arm dumbell rows, cable rows). I love finishing workouts with pull ups.
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