I broke my elbow a few years back, which required surgery. My elbow has a good chance of developing arthrisis so I wanted to know what is the best joint health supplement to take. Best in terms of brand quality, content, combination of vitamins, and amount of servings to take. There are various joint supplements out there that contain different vitamins that have different intake amounts.
Generally what I see are these vitamins but I dont know which is the best combination.
Glucosamine HCL ~1 to 1.5g
Glucosamine NaCl
Chondroitin Sulfate ~1 to 1.2g
MSM (Methyl Suffonyl Methane)

I also heard that the brand Flexium is the best because it has purer and better quality Glucosamine HCL and SAMe. The down side to it is that it is much more expensive, contains less pills, and has less Glucosamine per serving then other joint supplements. If anyone has a site to get it cheap I would greatly appreciate it.

The other stuff I tried is from Prolabs https://www.muscleshoppe.com/site/details.cfm?id=6010 which was recommended to me by the Robert DiMaggio. It is decently priced with a good amount of pills and has the average level of Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin Sulfate and also contains MSM but I have no idea about the quality of the stuff.

Thanks for anyones help.