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    Curing Illness?

    I have gotten kinda sick the past few days. I thought it was one of those little bugs but now it totaly sux. Its like the flu or something. Stuffed up, headache, no real fever, sore, losing my appetite, and just overall in a real crappy mood.

    Just wondering what you guys do to get rid of em?

    Yesterday I wore a layer of thermal clothes plus a sweatshirt and sweat pants to try and sweat it out of me. I don't know if it worked much. Today I'm doing the same to try it again. I am also taking additional vit C, cranberry pills, multi, and some advile cold/flu. Now I figured some rest is the only other thing thats left.

    I wont be hitting the weights today either which really sux. Hopefully I will be better tomorrow so I can make it up.
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    Go to a health supplement/food store and get NutraBiotics Defense Plus. I take double the dosage than what the bottle recommends and within 2 days you feel good as new. I use this to clear sinus infections, flu and colds. I swear by this stuff.

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    Drink a bottle of Buckles .... ok not all at once.

    Honestly, rest, stay hydrated, and eat as best and much that you can of nutritious food.
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    beer and pizza the only way to go. Don't skimp on the anchovies
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