so yeah, i told u all about the diet i was gonna try. im running 2 miles first thing in the morning, then working out about every 3 days or so, total body workout. but i seem to be burning off more fat than muscle. i dont notice much of a fat loss, i seem to be losing some on the stomach, but on the sides i feel a little bigger. Is this normal? Do i need to take in some protein before i run?? but if i take in protein, will i still burn fat?? also, can someone explain to me the deal about burning fat and running? i know it takes about 30 minutes to go into fat burning zone when u walk, but what about running? can i eat normally without counting carbs and run 2 miles and still burn off fat? lost, someone explain to me the deal about running. im running 2 miles every morning, but i seem to be losing muscle instead of fat, i feel bigger on the sides, but slimmer on the front. i dont want to be burning off muscle, i want to STILL burn fat....what do i do??? im soooo lost.