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diet for fitness comp

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    Unhappy diet for fitness comp

    Hi all I'm a new member and need some info, I decided to enter my first comp but having big trouble with my diet. I have been exercising for 20yrs but in the last 12 months training really hard to get ready for this years comps, I'm 39 and in the last two weeks have been carb depleting it worked for a while but when I did my bodyfat reading it had jumped from 16.9-20% I am devasted.I walk every morning take my fat blasters train weights at night and just cant seem to get it right, my trainer is puzzled as well can anyone HELP the comp is on this weekend and unless I have a miracle I wont be competing. My weight is 61kg and can't shift that either my body fat has never been this high I don't have cholestoral and my blood sugar is a3 reading. your help or any advice would be soooo appreciated
    thanks mich

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    Welcome to IM choka

    Id suggest posting in the Diet and Nutrition forum in regards to your diet.
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    Just curious as to why you are thinking of jamming out of the competition?
    Is it JUST because of the bodyfat reading or is it because of the way your physique is looking? My opinion is to forget the bodyfat measurement for starters, they are so inaccurate and regardless you're not judged on the percentage of fat in your body, it's more about shape and symmetry and of course for fitness your routine. If however you really believe your physique is not ready for the stage yet then don't give up, look for another upcoming competition soon and strive forward... you've come a long way and waiting a few more weeks until you feel you are ready may be the key.
    Good luck and keep us posted!

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    chooka_1@hotmai welcome to IM!
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