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Weight Watchers from Heinz

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    Weight Watchers from Heinz

    I don't know if you have them in the States, but here in the UK Heinz do a range of Weightwatchers branded food. In particular they do a range of frozen deserts such as Ice cream, Bannoffee desert, Triple Toffee Temptation and so on. The double chocolate Ice Cream for example is only 89 calories for a 100ml tub (about the size of the personal size you get at the cinema with the little plastic spoon) and is amazing and as for the Banoffee desert at only 150 calories, wow!

    Anyway my question is can I use these daily without affecting my weightlifting goals. I am otherwise eating a high protien, low fat diet. As long as I factor the calories into my daily total, can I eat these freely? Being from weightwatchers they are low in fat as well as calories.

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    I believe that Weight Watchers promotes very low fat and higher carbs and any products I have seen by them(including ice creams) are high in SUGAR. which, no is not part of a healthy diet.

    Once in a while as a treat would be fine, not daily though.
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