HIV infection from woman to man

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    HIV infection from woman to man

    This thread is abt transmission from woman to man only.
    Do u think condom is safe? I assume that everything bad can happen.
    Some paranoids might say that a condom would fail to protect from HIV because
    -it may break during sex ( not usual )
    -woman virginal secretion would pass through the condom during sex.
    -when u accidentally or intentionally touch the condom during sex, the virginal secretion on condom would in contact with ur hands and thereby infecting u
    -when the position is such that the woman is above u, some of her virginal secretion at the opening of virgina would fall near the base of penis (where there is a jungle) and thereby infecting u.
    -when u have taken out ur penis after ejaculation, u must not touch the top or middle of the condom on ur penis since ur fingers will touch the secretion remained on the condom. Any contact with these liquid could infect u!!
    -if the woman gave u fellatio with a condom on ur penis, ur condom is more likely to break. This is because since she sucks on ur condom, it becomes dry.

    After I read articles abt HIV in internet, this is the summary of majority's opinion. I hope some ppl could contribute in this topic.
    It looks as if the world is not safe.

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    HIV don´t pass through skin contact with the virus.
    I thought everybody knew that?

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    Keep reading Moon ...

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