Low Testosterone Levels

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    Low Testosterone Levels

    At my recent check-up my doctor said that I had borderline low testosterone (10 if that means anything) He said he would give me a course of testosterone injections but firstly he wants to monitor my level over a few months first. I have been going to the gym for a couple of months now and I know I am know where near the stage where I need to be taking steroids but as my testosterone is actually low would it worth starting myself (as I don't want to wait a few months) ?

    Can I still build muscle with low testosterone? I don't want to carry on going to the gym if it's pointless (though I have been bitten by the gym bug) Here in the UK there are several sources to buy testosterone gel legally. Is it worth self medicating with this gel, as its £150 a month it's quite expensive?

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    There are a couple of threads about low testosterone. Do a search first to see if there is info that can help you.

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