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    Exclamation Fake Serostim

    Does anyone have any of the fake lot numbers for the Serostim kits?

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    Not real sure but I did find this article for ya.. Hope it helps out some...???

    With that said, their is some fake Serostim going around, mostly in the US. See Drug Alert: FDA Investigates AIDS-Drug Impostor - WebMD, 1/22/01, which says "The fake version is packaged in boxes that closely resemble the real thing (Serostim). It has the lot number MNK612A -- which is an actual identification number that can be found on legitimate batches of Serostim. But look for the fake expiration date of 08/02. The real expiration of Serostim with that lot number is 08/01 . . . Determine if your Serostim fits the description of the impostor. If it does, do not use it."

    Several problems w/ones from Puerto Rico: Lot and Exp. printed on side of box. Lot and exp. on bottles printed.Water in bottles not all 1ml. Caps on water uneven. Water has red caps.

    Ones from USA have lot/exp date stamped in blue square on side of box. Also stamped on labels on all bottles. Water has white caps and "7501" printed in side of metal cap ring.

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