Please Help Florida

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    Please Help Florida

    I know we realize that the last four hurricanes have devastated the state - and the President has had to ask for another $7 billion to help with relief and cleanup efforts. But as I've watched some of the devastation news unfolding, it's evident many people will be without power for three weeks, some may be homeless for a very long time, and it's put a strain on a lot of social services.

    I don't usually post stuff like this, but the relief effort that has to be mounted is even larger than the aftermath of 9/11 - I would just encourage people to contact the Red Cross and/or their local churches and civic organizations to see what help they are providing. A few dollars might help make a difference in getting people back on their feet.

    Ok - surprise. . .I just did my good deed for the day. Pepper should be proud of me...

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    Edited because the joke was inappropriate.
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    Great post KBM.

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