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schedule question

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    schedule question

    is there anything wrong with doing legs/biceps the day after, or two days after back/shoulders?

    my back/shoulders routine is so long that I would be there forever if i did biceps afterwards, it fits better with my legs routine. but i know that back indirectly hits biceps.

    my biceps just don't feel like they get any exercise after a back routine. so is it alright to do them the next day or the day after? also I read that squats raise your testosteron(sp?) level, so that would help by biceps, and I want to put major size on in that area more so than any other.

    I generally do:


    and I get through that probably four times every three weeks, so I work out about four or five days a week.


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    There is nothing wrong with this routine, as I regularly train biceps the day after training back with no ill effects. I too find that doing biceps after back is almost useless.

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    I also do biceps the day after my back cause it's a long ass back routine...Ive had good results doing this routine for that part of the week

    Tues & Thurs:
    forward dumbell raises
    side dumbell raises
    lat pulldowns
    one arm dumbell rows
    military press
    bent over dumbell flys
    upright rows

    Wed & Fri:
    Preacher curl
    Regular standing curl
    Standing hammer curl
    Deadlifts( I know its out of place but for some reason I get great results like this, proabably cause they concentrate on a diff. part of the back than the day before, stretching the parts I did work, also stretch my hams quite well)
    Concentration curl
    Running up and down Steps with my pack on
    Hand-eye co-ordination exersices


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