okay firstly i've almost finished a 6 week cut cycle (this being the start of week 6 now)

it has gone rather well (so far dropped 6% from 17-11% BF), a few minor problems though...

problem 1 was that i cut the carbs WAYYY too fast, although strength has dropped only very slightly, i've lost almoast a stone and i'm guessing a fair bit of that is muscle (proabably 1/2 is muscle loss, the rest being water and fat), i lost more weight over the 1st week than i have done over the rest of the diet, so next time i know to keep things a lot more gradual and really get strict in say week 3 or 4!..... not only did this mean i lost LBM, this also meant that by week 3 or 4 i had been eating low carbs for so long i felt really run-down, and so weak, so i had to put the carbs up, which kind of countered the weight loss in that week and haulted my progress

another thing i should have done is carb-cycled, next time i will research this a lot more and use it to get my BF past that 10% barrier, as i will be able to use this lo-carb hi-carb system better than just putting carbs up and down randomly throughout different days

i was also ill, probably due to dropping the carbs too much for too long

i did not have rest days... also attributed to my illness and burnout - next time i will make sure i have a good day off each week to rest and load up on carbs

probably didn't get enough veg. or fats either - but hey no one gets it perfect all the time

dose this seem right to you?... in explaining why i lost a lot of weight at the start then have really struggled to get below 11%? (because i dropped carbs too early)

anyway even at 11% and weighing a stone less i feel much better than at 17%... my viens are awesome! abs are shredded.. i got a lot of ppl saying that i look really cut (got them nice lines across the top of my chest now too, they are just coming up)... all my fat storage is on my arse and tops of legs, not around my abs like most guys, so i'm feelin cool about it

okay now for the questions....

i got some fish oil caps - 1000mg (which is 1g i think) per cap... my question is.. how many and how often?

also i'm on ALA but im not sure if my dosage is right, i have 200mg and 500mg caps... what would you guys recommend in terms of when and how much i should take?

also if i have a high carb day is any day okay? or should it be on a rest day or a weights day, or before a weights day or what?

also how long should i leave it after the end of my cut till i go to a calorie surplus and/or start taking creatine?

n' thats about it i think... any help in answering my questions is much appriciated