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A quick and easy question

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    A quick and easy question

    If I work out with 80 lbs. on DB press, about what is the equivalent of that in a BB bench press (both flat)? Oh, and will the DB press allow me to make gains in benching (I can't bench as an exercise because I don't have a spotter)? Is the DB press just as effective as benching?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squaggleboggin
    Is the DB press just as effective as benching?
    IMO The dumbbell press has several advantages over barbell press. When using dumbbells, you use a lot more stabalizer muscles to steady the two individual weights than you do with regular barbell press. You get a longer range of motion with dumbbell press than you do with barbell, and the pressing motion puts less pressure on your shoulder joints than with barbell press, plus if one of your arms give out you only drop half the weight on your face that you would with barbell. A lot of people incorporate both barbell and dumbbell press into their routines. Most likely you will be able to do more on barbell than on dumbbell, but with me, and i have no idea why this is, i can incline press more with dumbbells than with barbell press. Hopefully this wont turn into a boardbrawl like the other benchpress thread...

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